MA Design and Information

General admission requirements

Admission to the master programme in design and information requires a relevant degree in the area of design. It must be equivalent to a BA (with 210 ECTS), and must have a grade of 2,0 or higher.
Admission is approved by the examining body of the Design Faculty.
Our selection is based on your application and an interview.


Wintersemester 2024/2025


15.5. – 15.7.2024


Prof. Erich Schöls

Qualification procedure

1. Registration form of the Faculty of Design

Use this form to register with the Faculty of Design for the selection procedure “Design and Information”:

You will then receive a confirmation email from the Faculty of Design with further information on uploading your application documents in PDF format.

2. Letter of Motivation

Describe the reasons for your application for a Master’s programme at the Faculty of Design Würzburg.
(PDF, maximum one page)

3. Exposé

Describe your personal research or project project: the topic you will deal with intensively in terms of content and design during your studies.

Explain why the topic is not only of great interest to you; why it holds the potential for innovation, to what extent it is sufficiently resilient for an in-depth substantive and creative debate over several semesters.

Where does the potential of your topic lie for you as a researching designer and how do you assess the design, societal, social and/or technological relevance of your research project?

Why is your topic suitable as a basis for your Master’s degree in Design and Information?
What interdisciplinary points of connection does your project offer and how can this interdisciplinary exchange be established within the framework of your studies?

Show that you have already dealt with your topic in depth. Describe the results of your research in terms of content and visuals in a comprehensible and reflective manner. What research and design approaches have already existed on your topic, and how will your work differ from or build on these?

(PDF, maximum 10 pages)

4. Portfolio

Your portfolio shows – comprehensively and comprehensibly – your position as a designer on the basis of three to four of your own projects.

(PDF, maximum 12 pages))


5. Registration at the Office of Student Affairs of the FHWS

In addition to submitting your application documents, you must have registered for studies at the Office of Student Affairs by the application deadline (15.5.2024 – 15.7.2024).
Attention: This is an exclusion condition! This means that without this registration, your application to study is not valid.
You can find the application from 15.5.2024 – 15.7.2024 at:

6. The interview

Approximately one week after the application deadline, a personal interview lasting about 30 minutes will take place; we invite all applicants who are participating in the admission procedure. There we will discuss your project proposal and jointly examine the dimensions and feasibility of your project. You will be notified of the date by e-mail. Due to the current situation, the interview will probably not take place on site this year, but via Zoom.

We wish you every success with your application.