Communication Design

Shaping tomorrow’s world

We offer a wide range of courses in the areas of graphic design, typography, moving image, illustration, photography, interactive media and spatial design. Students have the freedom to try out various areas according to inclination and talent, and to specialise or work in several disciplines as they wish.

Our programme is oriented to the requirements of modern communication design practice, in which the disciplines are becoming increasingly interconnected.


Design as a way of thinking

Our approach involves more than just mastering design methods and tools, and goes beyond being able to layout, photograph, draw, animate, exhibit and illustrate. Designers also need the ability to identify, anticipate, reflect and to conceptualise solutions. It’s important to see the past, present and future of our society theoretically and philosophically in the context of design, and to school the eye in relevant issues and developments.

Conceptual thinking and creative action help us to understand the world through communication and information, giving us orientation and making complex situations easier to grasp.


Design as a skill

The versatility of the programme gives you the opportunity to develop an individual profile as a communications designer, and your personal horizons are broadened in an internship and a semester abroad. As a whole, the programme enables you to operate widely in the communication and media activities of culture, education, technology and business.

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Bachelor of the Arts (Communications Design)

Standard period of study:
7 semesters (210 ETCS points)

Winter semester (annually)

Accredited by: